About Tax

Let’s answer a few technical questions about Melliodora Wholesale and tax, the biggest of which being around the fact that our orders exclude sales tax for orders outside Australia.

Firstly, Melliodora Wholesale is our wholesale arm of Permaculture Principles Pty Ltd, our Australian limited liability private company owned by Oliver Holmgren & Richard Telford. We live by the values of Permaculture and aim to have our business embody the ethics and principles of Permaculture in every way we can.

As an Australian company, we report all of our income to the Australian Taxation Office and pay income tax accordingly.

We also collect sales tax (GST) for the Australian Taxation Office for domestic orders of products that carry GST. Thus, we must charge GST on any orders who’s Billing Address is within Australia.

According to Australia’s Tax Treaty with the United States this is acceptable while our sales are under certain thresholds. As Melliodora Wholesale broadens its range of Permaculture books for North America, this may change.

Similarly, for many years US companies sent books into Australia without having to pay GST. For the bigger players, that has now changed.

We see the growth path for this North American arm of Melliodora Wholesale is ultimately to be run by an ethically aligned business that is based in the US. Our goal is to bring our Fair Share Model of publishing to the sustainability book trade in North America. We love working with the Permaculture Design Publishing team and we are fully supportive of their fantastic publication, Permaculture Design Magazine.

Thanks for your support of Fair Share publishing.

Access to wholesale pricing is available to anyone, with a minimum spend of US$100, and free US shipping for orders over US$200.